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The Sha Tin resident told police she had received a call from a man claiming to be a Hong Kong immigration officer last Wednesday. The call was then transferred to another man, who claimed he was a security official from Shanghai.He accused her of being involved in a criminal case and asked her to transfer money into her mainland bank account as a surety.We Chat has seen monthly active users grow to 468 million worldwide since its 2011 introduction, according to the company.About 3 million are in the US, according to Global Web Index, a research firm based in London.A second round was opened at 10.30pm, but it only allowed one photo per person.

She was also asked to surrender her bank account details over the phone.Users went crazy over the new feature — how were they supposed to secretly admire that stranger’s yoga or gym posts, the meal they shared with friends or, more importantly, that charming picture of someone’s dog wearing a bowtie?Luckily all they had to do to remove the smoke screen was to send a lucky money envelope to friends.However, Taipei isn't the best place for mongering comparing to some other big metropolitan cities in East Asia.But don't worry, you can still find lots of sexual services in Taipei.

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