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Moreover, by merely referencing Anonymous and televising the group’s so-called logo, Cooper and CNN were tacitly endorsing a coordinated organization that the U. Department of Justice has identified as a terrorist group—with members engaged in hate crimes and convicted of other federal criminal offenses. Point of fact, Cooper’s “Kingpin” source [Marty Rathbun] is more than just connected to this mob; he is actively furthering their hate-filled agenda, stating in an on-line conversation with Anonymous, “I have your back,” and referring to members as “pals.”Another one of Cooper’s sources has personally participated in Anonymous demonstrations in front of Churches of Scientology and has publicly endorsed this cyberterrorist hate group in the media and on the Internet. We saw someone who was with someone who we believe is guilty of a crime, so they are OBVIOUSLY in league with them and are criminals themselves. (Rinder and Rathbun are part of a group of former high-ranking dissidents no longer connected to the organization.They and the other sources in this article, virtually all of them on the record, have been dismissed by Scientology as disgruntled apostates and worse.

“Going Clear” follows eight former members of the Church of Scientology — whose most prominent adherents include A-list Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise — and details their experiences within the organization and what they are willing to do in its name.

Scientology has for many years made outrageous claims about “Anonymous” — calling it a “group of terrorists.” They inflate everything that is ever said or done by anyone with even the remotest connection to Anonymous and by association, attempt to paint anyone they think is criticizing them with the “terrorist” brush.

There are NUMEROUS examples of this — perhaps the earliest was Keith Henson who joked about shooting a “Tom Cru9ise Missile” in Miscavige’s window.

“Through Leah’s passion and perseverance she has boldly empowered so many people to step forward and we’re eager to share more of those compelling stories with a new season.” Also Read: Church of Scientology Says A&E Needs to ' Get Its Story Straight' on Canceled KKK Show “It became clear to us that although we were telling painful stories of former members of the Church of Scientology, this show was resonating strongly with people everywhere.

The show is really about standing up for what is right and not letting bullies have their way.

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