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One of the accusations made against CRI by the followers of Arnold Murray is that Mr. However, since Murray does not believe in the three Persons of the Trinity, he cannot logically hold to the deity of Jesus Christ being the eternal Son of God, Second Person of the Trinity. Christ, on the other hand, being the eternal Son of God who always existed with the Father (John 1:1; 17:5), is the only man who ever preexisted with the Father (John , 31; ; 1 Cor. John the Baptist, who was born before Christ (Luke 1, 2), said that Christ existed before he did (John , 30). The “again” of Genesis 4:2 does not indicate that Eve gave birth to Abel right after (whether a few minutes, hours, or days) she gave birth to Cain.Having made these statements, he inconsistently says, “A wise man never discusses the Trinity.” (Ibid., 5‐15‐91) Little Gods Not only does Arnold Murray teach a false concept of God, he also believes that men were once gods who existed prior to living on the earth. ) Murray says, “he spoke to the Elohim, meaning God and his children, ‘let us make that man in our image,’ which is to say make it look in the likeness that we are. The Bible says that God created man , not in heaven (Gen.2:7; Zech. His statement can only be explained by affirming that Christ existed with God before his incarnation, and that John the Baptist (or any other human) did not. Several years may have passed before Eve “bore again,” by giving birth to Cain’s brother, Abel.Here's where you can meet singles in Sheppard Afb, Texas.Our Wichita County singles are in the 940 area code, and might live in these or other zip codes: 76311 personals.Forget classified personals, speed dating, or other Shepherd dating sites or chat rooms, you've found the best!Gillaspie was the pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ, a seminal Christian Identity operation headquartered at Gillaspie's Bellflower, Calif., church with a handful of congregations in California and Arkansas, one of which was led by Murray.(Murray's Church of Jesus Christ in Gravette, Ark., was the precursor to his Shepherd's Chapel, in the same location.) The Intelligence Report has obtained Church of Jesus Christ newsletters dated 1978 that are signed by Murray.According to an autopsy report, the child suffered a fractured skull, several broken bones, and bruises which included a shoe print on her chest.She was convicted in the death of her four-month-old son, Phoenix Cody Parrish.

She hasn't made a secret of it at the BBC and although she has had other girlfriends over the years, this one seems to be The One.' Respected: Miss Hill on the BBC News set with co-presenter Matthew Amroliwala.

Ramachandran stated that Montgomery was suffering from a severe mental disease or defect when she committed the crime and that she was unable to appreciate the nature and quality of her acts.

Blackmon was convicted in the death of her two-year-old adopted daughter, Dominiqua Bryant.

It’s simple and to the point (The Shepherd’s Chapel Question and Answers period, aired 6‐4‐91). Furthermore, it is not Cain who is the murderer in John , for Jesus says it is literally the devil who is the murderer. , whether Jew or Gentile (including Anglo‐Saxons), are considered Satan’s child if they refuse to believe in Christ (Gen. In other words, only those people (regardless of what race they belong to) who do not believe the gospel are the children of Satan because they follow their own sinful tendencies instead of accepting Christ (Matt. Second, simply because both terms come from the same Hebrew word does not mean that all, some, or any Kenites are the descents of the Cain who slew Abel. Therefore, individuals can be called the descendents of Cain, but the Cain they are related to was the same Cain who slew Abel in Genesis 4 (see for instance, the different Kenites mentioned in Gen. In other passages where the same Greek word is used, it is never connected with sex. Also, if Eve had to hide her nakedness because of her sex with the Serpent, we would have to conclude that Adam also had sex with the serpent (Gen. It was out a sexual relationship with Adam, not the Serpent, that Eve became impregnated with Cain.

Referring to Christ, Murray says, “His spirit is holy and he is the Holy Spirit.” (Shepherd’s Chapel Question and Answers period, 5‐8‐91) Hence, Murray is guilty of teaching the heresy of modalism, which states that Jesus the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (one Person in three roles, or modes). The murder mentioned in John is not Cain’s murder of Abel, but the devil causing death to occur upon all the human race when he instigated Adam and Eve to sin (Gen. Apparently, “Cain” was a common name just like “Zechariah.” The Bible records at least 33 men by the name of Zechariah, and not all of them were related (e.g., there is no relationship between these men who were all named Zechariah: 1 Chron. In fact, if it were connected with sex, we would run into ridiculous conclusions, like people literally having sex with their own minds (Rom. The New International Version correctly renders Genesis 4:1, 2: “Adam lay with his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain.” There is also no evidence that Abel was the fraternal twin of Cain.

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